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Friday, September 15, 2017


Hello again everyone. Yes it has been a year since I last posted pictures. My camera took a dive and luckily I found another just in time for the cruise. I didn't get a lot of pictures tonight, But I was testing this camera out, and from what I can see, it looks great.
The weather in Ontario, Calif. couldn't of been better, Reminded me of a cool crisp fall night.
I only took pictures from the south side of Euclid Ave. from I street to just above D street. We were getting really hungry, I will continue to get the other cars tomorrow morning. Everyone that we met tonight was very nice. Their automobiles were very cool as well. The food smelled yummy. the Muscle cars were very loud, just like being on a race track.
We ran into some friends that we haven't seen in a while. On a sad note Joe Bolin's wife Felicia had passed away since last years Route 66 Reunion. He had a nice tribute to her on his charger, you can see in the pictures. I also bumped into a old High school buddy, haven't seen him since last year as well. Jerry Griffin. so I hope to see you out there tomorrow as I will be back out taking more pictures of the Classic , Original, and Rat Rod's Automobiles.
Okay enough of me typing LETS See the Cars!!!
Just remember by clicking on the pictures you can see them larger.

Custom lowered Studebaker

Two 1964 Plymouth Valiant's

Beautiful Firebird Trans Am

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59 Chevy Impala
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Here is a Original Coral Paint, it was a limited Edition color for 1959

Back on F Street

Everyone wanted to get pictures of the bright red Firebird.


This 1962 Cadillac must of rolled straight out of the grave, along with it's passengers and pets. If you look close, you will see a Vulture, Cats, Dogs and even Rats.

These Two 1956 Chevy Bel Airs belonged to the same owner. I have never seen that Green combination color before. My Wife liked the green colors, as so did I.

Something Wicked this way comes, or should I say trailered, Check this Bicycle out. The Hulk!


 If you need any type of professional Video's made see Jerry Griffin at V-Drive Video you can see his work on his YouTube channel: vdrivevideo 

So there you have a small viewing of the many cars that were either parked or cruising up and down Euclid Ave. in Historic Ontario, Calif.
I will repost this on our Disney Blog, for the lucky people who got one of our business cards.
See you Tomorrow morning at 10 Am.
Don't forget Blood Sweat and Tears with Bo Bice will be playing tomorrow night.

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